21-Weeks of Shaktiship is the Signature program of She Stands Tall Project.

It  brings together women around the globe belonging to different socio-cultural-ethnic background on a deeply personal healing and awakening journey of re-membering, remembering and reclaiming women's wisdom.

The curriculum and coursework of exploration gives women an opportunity to exhaustively explore women’s roles in pre-history and history, Embodied Spirituality, Indigenous Wisdom across the World, Women’s Ritual Heritage across traditions, Life-cycle rituals and ritual making, Women’s sacred text, Feminine models of leadership, Matriarchal cultures and values, Women’s work in healing and creating positive social change as well as spiritual, literary, social and artistic contributions of women from around the world.

The entire journeys rests on the five foundational pillars of She Stands Tall Project namely Sisterhood, Her-stories, Ritual, Sacred Arts, and Women's Spirituality, and it happens at three levels:

  • Transpersonal plugging into the nature, earth and season's cycles & rhythms,
  • Relational plugging into the intersections and interactions with self and others held through the five stages of the research methodology of Organic Inquiry (Sacred - Personal - Chthonic - Relational - Transformative), and
  • Personal plugging into each individual participant's own journey of exploring, educating, engaging, empowering, expressing and embodying.


Women's Bodies, Rites of Passage, Earth Relationship, Patriarcha l& Matriarchal Body

SHAKTISHIP is a Sacred as well as a Secret Sisterhood journey. It is not a journey undertaken to prove or make a point about gender.

“To love myself completely was the best outcome of this workshop. To look into my eyes in the mirror and saying “I love you”. I have gained Myself. I have lost self-pity, shame, helplessness. I feel a new Power to go for the unknown and come out of my comfort zone. My heart has started ruling me." 

- Meera, Bangalore Shaktiship Graduate

"The 21-week Shaktiship has been one the most beautiful, empowering, challenging, awakening, invoking journey for me. It helped me open up in ways I never thought I would. I speak, walk, think, understand, and do things differently. I speak out boldly without aiming to hurt anybody’s feelings. I’ve learnt to acknowledge my emotions and “rock” with it."

- Pratibha, Mauritius

Shaktiship Graduate

US Dollars $108 or Rs 6500/- for Participation

US Dollars $150 or Rs 10,000/- for Participation + Certificate of Women's Circle Facilitation


US Dollars $80 or Rs 4750/- for Participation
US Dollars $108 or Rs 6,500/- for Participation + Certificate of Women's Circle Facilitation

F r i d a y,   S e p t e m b e r   1,  2 0 1 7  -  S u n d a y,   F e b r u a r y  5,   2 0 1 8


Entering Darkness, Reinforming Shadow Self,  Processing Shame, Regret & Guilt, Setting Boundaries

Standing Tall in Every Aspect of Who You Are - Feminine, Masculine, Dark, Beautiful, Bold, Ugly, Vulnerable, Wild, Sensuous, Raw & more.


"One of the most important things I gained is the ability to speak my truth in all situations. To be honest and authentic with myself, therefore providing the opportunity to be authentic in all my relationships. This has been sooooo profound!!! Like wow! I feel so free and complete to express any feelings and thoughts that may be keeping me from being authentic and I absolutely love this. I’ve also found by doing this, it gives those I interact with the permission to be authentic as well! Which is has overall deepened my relationships with those around me. "

- Brittney, Los Angeles, California

Shaktiship Graduate


  • You need to be 20 years and above,

  • You need to participate with a local Sister buddy or participate as a Sisterhood Group of 4 or more women (one local and others remotely present).

  • Be Able to Speak, Read, Understand English well.

  • Have Access to Good Quality Web connection, 

  • Be open to Interacting with and on Web Tools like using gmail (gmail account is a must), use google drive and google hangout, be on a private facebook and whatsapp group. If you have never used it, its ok. We will support you to learn.

  • Committed to engage 4 - 6 hours a Week in Shaktiship Coursework.

  • Committed to attend a minimum of 5 in-person Google Hangout/Zoom Gatherings.

  • Host a minimum of one Sisterhood Circle in the relational stage of the journey.

  • To have a consistent spiritual practice that you engage with everyday to compliment your journey. It is a recommendation. If you don’t have one, we can suggest.

  • Read, Understand and Sign the Shaktiship Participation Consent Form.

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Spiritual Autobiography, Ancestry, Personal Myths & stories, Setting Sacred Space Setting Intention & Intuition,

and awakening - to mend, amend, re-member - to be reborn, restored and revived in spring - for her next FULL cycle. 21-Weeks of Shaktiship  aligns with that cycle of Descent, Dying, Renewing, Re-birthing, and Transforming..

What do you when you have been given a glimpse of who is beyond you?
You go in and embrace you
You go in and acknowledge you
You go in into your infinite
A journey of thousands infinite
which started with Shaktiship
A journey of millions Goddesses
 which started with Shaktiship
A journey of remembering You
A journey of letting go
A journey of embracing
A journey of dragon slaying
A journey of lights
A journey of walking home
Home to who you are deep within.
Megha, Mauritius

Shaktiship Graduate




Circle of Relationships, social responsibility, gift economy, sacred marketspaces, holding space for self and others





“I have very much enjoyed my experience with Shaktiship. My initial reason for wanting to join was to join a sisterhood of women and to support me in my experiences with my mom and sister which have been challenging at times. I had some powerful (internal) transformations in this realm and put up some clear boundaries which I hope will penetrate through time and space and allow women to know how I want to be treated. Despite the fact that it was online I felt a sweet connection to women and my local group should I want to reach out”

- Maya, Santa Cruz Sister, CA, Shaktiship Graduate


Exploring Blocks to our Creativity, Inner Critic, Negative Beliefs, Self-Acceptance.

The pedagogy of Shaktiship work is deeply grounded in a transformative learning model focused on a whole-person philosophy that integrates six areas of human development namely the physical, emotional, psychological, relational, creative and spiritual. Within the exploration, participants have the opportunity to locate and create the sacred arts - from creative writing to sacred drumming, from visual arts to embodied movement and ritual creation - that already live within them. Through this creative arts-based embodied model balanced with scholarly academic content,  indigenous earth-based wisdom, and more, Shaktiship journey brings together a plethora of wisdom, practical tools and techniques that promote individual and collective healing, self-awareness, and self-authorization.




is a Voluntary journey at all levels and all times, and is committed to provide you with an intentional space for sincere seeking through a plethora of resources.

In the growing darkness following Summer Solstice, the Earth Goddess voluntarily steps into the resting unwinding spiral womb of the Dark Mother to initiate Her Self-descent into death - introspection, rest, reflection, survival,


Getting up. close and personal with Negative Belief, our Limited Self,  Destructive Narratives that inhibit us.