The Journey of the 21-Weeks of Shaktiship does not fit into the linear flow of our goal—oriented, ego-driven, separately-walking, exclusive, masculinely-known world. If anything, it is the complete opposite of it. We step into the unknown Spiraling Organic-Web of Dissolving, Merging and Evolving - All happening separately and together. The only inherent truth in this realm is that everything is in motion and changing, and yet nothing has ever changed and will ever change.

“It was enlightening to share space with other women starting as strangers... as we share our life stories over the 21 weeks the commonalities unfold and we become as one. Each one growing, changing, awakening to awareness of the wholeness of our being as we each... nurture ourselves, our families, our community, our world.”
Fremont Sister, CA, USA

"What do you when you 
have been given a glimpse of 
who is beyond you?
You go in and embrace you
You go in and acknowledge you
You go in into your infinite
A journey of thousands infinite 
which started with Shaktiship
A journey of millions Goddesses
 which started with Shaktiship
A journey of remembering You
A journey of letting go
A journey of embracing
A journey of dragon slaying
A journey of lights
A journey of walking home
Home to who you are deep within."
- Mauritius Sister

“To love myself completely was the best outcome of this workshop. To look into my eyes in the mirror and saying “I love you”. I have gained Myself. I have lost self-pity, shame, helplessness. I feel a new Power to go for the unknown and come out of my comfort zone. My heart has started ruling me.
Bangalore Sister
Karnataka, India.


21-Weeks of Shaktiship is the Signature Program of She Stands Tall Projectthat flows from September through February and March through August of every year - in online & in-person space.

It facilitates a sacred, open, safe, sisterhood container for women to enter into the journey of knowing and reclaiming the Shakti Woman within - exploring her, engaging with her. embodying her and expressing her - freely, fearlessly and wholly; in her body, emotions, intellect, relationships, creativity and spirituality.

Our curriculum is grounded in the pedagogy of the Women’s Spirituality Masters of Art program that was offered at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in California. We bring a plethora of resources that give women an opportunity to exhaustively explore women’s roles in pre-history and history, Women’s work in healing and creating positive social change as well as spiritual, literary, social and artistic contributions of women from around the world, Recognizing and Stepping out of Patriarchy, Women's Spirituality & Transformative Leadership, Indigenous People and Indigenous Wisdom, Women’s Rites and Women's Mysteries, Women's Bodies and Women's Sexuality, Matriarchal cultures and values, Menstrual synchrony, Integrating Masculine and Feminine aspects, and more.


The entire journey will present you with varied resources from exhaustive sources around the world:

​​- Scholarly Reading from Books, Articles.

- Introduction to Circle Facilitation

- Guided Imagery, Meditation & More.

- Sacred Feminine Imagery

- Sacred Art Making

- Indigenous Wisdom & Practices

- Intentional Ritual Creation,

- Gathering in Sisterhood

- Chanting & Singing,

​- Reclaiming Her-Story Narrative

- Ancestral Altar & Connections

- Moonstrual & Lunar Synchrony

- Body Map Engagement

- Embodied Practices like Body      Work, Movement, Voice, etc.

A W A K E N I N G     T H E      S H A K T I     W O M A N     J O U R N E Y

"One of the most important things I gained is the ability to speak my truth in all situations. To be honest and authentic with myself, therefore providing the opportunity to be authentic in all my relationships. This has been sooooo profound!!! Like wow! I feel so free and complete to express any feelings and thoughts that may be keeping me from being authentic and I absolutely love this. I’ve also found by doing this, it gives those I interact with the permission to be authentic as well! Which is has overall deepened my relationships with those around me."
Los Angeles Sister,


"The 21-week Shaktiship has been one the most beautiful, empowering, challenging, awakening,invoking journey for me. It helped me open up in ways I never thought I would. I speak, walk, think, understand, and do things differently. I speak out boldly without aiming to hurt anybody’s feelings. I’ve learnt to acknowledge my emotions and “rock” with it. 
A few gifts that I received through this journey:
Started painting and using colours fearlessly.
Managing emotions through Arts.
Have clearer insights and stronger intuitions.
I get powerful messages through my dreams.
My bonding with my 2 kids became stronger.
My relationship with my father has improved."
Mauritius Sister

21 - W E E K S   O F   S H A K T I S H I P

"The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door. if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door."


... you find yourself at a pivotal intersection where you feel life should have more meaning and purpose!

... you are called to explore your deepest inner longings, even those you can’t quite name or understand!!

... you long to immerse in a living spirituality of being a woman in body, sexuality and self!!

... you are seeking to know yourself, be yourself and express yourself - fully - without inhibitions!!

... you feel deeply emotional like a hurricane stuck inside - unable to hold space for yourself and others!!

... you voice feels stuck deep inside desiring to be released and set free!!

... your creativity feels chained in the voices of your inner critic!!

... and Most importantly, you are desiring deeply to step into, and stand tall as the Woman you are born to be and Embody!!