All the "not readies," all the "I need time," are understandable, but only for a short while. The truth is that there is never a "completely ready," there is never a really "right time." As with any descent to the unconscious, there comes a time when one simply hopes for the best, pinches one's nose, and jumps into the abyss. If this were not so, we would not have needed to create the words heroine, hero, or courage.  

​CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTES, Women Who Run With the Wolves

W O M E N  +   S P I R I T U A L I T Y  +    A R T   +    A C T I V I S M

​​A woman's relationship with her body and sexuality in a patriarchal social organization goes through numerous struggles that force her to question everything—gender perceptions, gender stereotyping, cultural and social conditioning, the “do”s and “don’t”s of a feminine identity, the age-old dogmas defining womanhood, the shame, disgust and silence surrounding body and sexuality, and most importantly the direct and indirect influences of patriarchal and matriarchal cultures on the forming of this relationship. 

The intention of the Women's Spirituality Artivism (Art +Activism) Project is to provide a open, safe and sacred platform for women and girls to re-present their bodies, re-inform their bodily relationships, and reclaim the stories of body, sexuality and self as an expression of reclaiming body image, and re-telling her-stories and spiritual activism.

In the backdrop of overtly sexualized female bodies dominating and influencing the visual media, these life size body maps become powerful vehicles of narrating women's stories on her own terms, in her own image.