U N C O V E R I N G   A U T H E N T I C  S E L F

I am NI, after this journey which we did together. I have seen for myself the transformation in my life. It has been a long journey in a short time.

"Spread your wings and

fly high for what you want.
For Sky is the limit."

The journey of Uncovering Authentic Self is an expressive arts exploration of STEPPING INTO  & RECLAIMING one's true expression in all aspects of your body, sexuality and self, and expressing it in the world - fearlessly, freely and wholly. It is a journey of re-discovering and uncovering your True Self. It is exploring the Art of Being Yourself.


The Art of Being Yourself means living, engaging, embodying and expressing yourself from your truth - your absolute core - in full awareness of your choices, responsibilities and values integrated with the personal (body, mind, emotions, intellect), relational (social) and transpersonal (creativity, spirituality). It is meeting yourself beyond the many layers of perceptions, identities, conditioning, labeling, the “do”s and “don’t”s, the “should" and “should nots”, and living in the world in-spite of it. There are no shortcuts to Being Yourself. It is a life-long engagement of deep courage, growth, healing and transformation. This journey will catapult you into living your life intimately with full awareness while holding space for all of life's flavors, taking responsibility for it all without blame games and proactively moving forward in the journey of learning, unlearning and relearning 

P A R T I C I P A N T S     S H A R I N G ​​

1. How to Hold Space 

2. Creating Safe Boundaries,

3. Good Girl/Bad Girl Narrative,

4. Reclaiming Life-Story, 

5. Power and Trust 

6. Reclaiming Intimacy,

7. Deepest Fear and Vulnerability,

8. Releasing Negative Emotions

9. Owning The Opposites

​10. Reclaiming Intimacy, 


We explore a wide variety of topics.

  I have evolved myself

  into a person who accepts
  the good and bad

    with lots of love.
  I wish to rise myself to

      a “phenomenal woman’.
  I am “Phenomenal Woman”!!

I am Ready for That.

I am out of the Closet.

Watch out You’All!!

"Within each one of us is a secret garden: a place where our true self exists, It may be a garden of roses with many thorns, or a garden of exuberant wild flowers. It probably includes moldy and rotten tree stumps and some poisonous mushrooms. Whatever grows in the garden, it is all part of being human. It is all material that can be used in the creative process."

- Natalie Rogers, Creative Connection 

“To be nobody-but-yourself -- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else -- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”

 –E. E. Cummings 

She entered

not knowing exactly as to what was in store, not knowing why exactly she was here.
All she knew was that
there is something drawing her to this.
Little did she know that she was up for
something so magnificent which would toss her
out of her shell and throw her to the space
where she can only go naked - exposed and powerful.

She was initially intimidated
by that space and later she felt that
That was the only space which gave her bliss.
She came out with so much wisdom, knowledge and awareness whenever she dived into it and got out of it.

She got to know that vulnerability is a sign of strength!! How deep oceans are fun to swim!
How fire dances in the rhythm through
beautiful flames when ignited!
She got to know how Powerful she is!
And when she dropped down all the useless guards, her relationships with people became more and more refined, graceful, and conscential!

She wants to roar, scream and be wild, and

Sometimes grounded into her self and be Silent.

And most of all she has explored and identified how much space she has in herself for all that she has a potential for,
and for all the capacity she holds
- not just for herself but for others too.
She understood about compassion, love, sexuality, capacity, beauty, connection, space, body and much more.

She rose like a phoenix from the fire spreading her wings and flying high.

Oh Yes!
She got to know
She is no less than a Goddess.


The entire journey will unfold within an open, empathetic, nonjudgemental, safe space of expressive arts - incorporating, integrating and interweaving modalities of visual art (drawing, coloring, sculpting, collaging, mask making), movement and dance, drama (active imagination, role playing), sound and voice exercises, story-telling, guided imagery, mandala art, body mapping, creative writing, archetypal exploration, and more.


​In the Patriarchal World, both Women and Men face innumerable challenges growing up. At a very young age, both are taught to mold into the wishes, viewpoints, expectations, desires and demands of family, society, and the world. They are plugged into stereotypes of being male and female.

Women are made to believe that when she sacrifices her own desires, families and societies stay happy, and that is the expected behaviour of "good girls" from "good families." We train our daughters to become women who feel that being true to their own authentic self is being selfish, and self-centered. Exploring, Expressing and Embodying her sexuality is unsafe, dangerous and "bad". Owning and Living her Power in the world is outrageous and provocative. Most women choose a life "less than" who they are, and continue into their adult lives "living less than" - moulding themselves to the will of those around them - be it their children, spouse, in-laws, parents, peers, friends, bosses, and so on. Many times women are not even aware that they have the freedom to choose a life for themselves in the world. Just indulging in that thought brings immense guilt, shame and the feeling of betrayal. Even the most successful woman in the world have their inner battles with guilt and shame. Sadly, when a woman lives less of herself in the world - she also, influences her daughters and sons to live less of themselves in the world - the cycle continues.

​Men also, have been victims of patriarchy because it demands of men that they become and remain emotional cripples - bereft and cutoff from the feminine within; a form of psychic self-mutilation of killing off the emotional parts of themselves. Just like women, men are also, denied an individualistic identity and forced to become robots in a procession of masculine pretense.

Uncovering Authentic Self provides an expressive art container to discover one's "true self" narrative.

11. Deepest Fear and Vulnerability,

12. Releasing Negative Emotions,

13. Understanding Emotions,

14. Relationship with Comfort,

15. Unmasking the Shadow, 

16. Conversations with the body,

17. Healing Body Image,

18. Know Thy Shadow Teacher

19. Woman in the Mirror

20. Entering Relationships

The entire journey is spread over 8-10 weeks constituting 24-40 hours of engagement time held within an intimate group of 10-15 individuals. We support you to choose to attend the entire exploration or just parts of it. Trust your inner guidance to lead you in the decision making.