Expressive Art as a Sacred Practice.

"We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth or we are not going to have a human future at all." - Vandana Siva, Environmentalist

"The art just wants to be made. It pushes through the creative vehicle (the person) into manifest form. It has healing and awakening in mind, stimulation of hidden and forgotten information, evocation of lost archetypes and images for healing in the present. - Vicki Noble, Author, Shakti WOman.

Women-Centered Spirituality & Awakening the Mother Mind

The Feminine Models of Leadership is rooted in awakening, harnessing and embodying this Power-From-Within, and letting it guide you in exploring Power-with relationships than Power-over relationships in the various engagements of life - personally, and professionally.

 “Aha! What happens in the sky is related to what happens on the earth is related to what happens to me in my daily life, and I can attune to it through my body, and it can make a difference. What a miracle. How come nobody told me this before?”   - Vicki Noble, Author, Shakti Woman

We live in a world dominated by overtly patriarchal, ego-driven, power-hungry, identity-seeking, bodily-disconnected, feverishly-minded, selfishly-motivated racing to nowhere capitalistic consumerist masculine culture uprooting indigenous ways of living, ravaging the earth, raping women's bodies, and drying up man's ability to feel and emote. The feminine is suppressed, dominated, disguised, debilitated, domesticated and shamed. This  disconnect is embodied by women and men alike. The She Stands Tall Project educates, empowers and engages women (and men) in feminine models of power and leadership, and guides them to recognize patterns and influences of internalized and externalized patriarchal masculine, and step out of it consciously. 

She Moves in Sisterhood - Not in Isolation.

Balancing Feminine Power and Masculine Force.

 “Force always moves against something, whereas power does not move against anything. Force is incomplete and therefore has to constantly be fed energy. Power is total and complete in itself and requires nothing from outside itself. It makes no demands; it has no needs. Because force has an insatiable appetite, it constantly consumes. Power, in contrast, energizes, gives forth, supplies and supports. Power gives life acid energy. Force takes these away. We notice that power is associated with compassion and makes us feel positively about ourselves. Force is associated with judgment and makes us feel badly about ourselves." - David Hawkins, Author, Power Versus Force

The Mother-Mind is the spiraling, non-linear, organic, intuitive, connected, nurturing, emoting, feminine mind that has the capacity to feel life within and without, inside and out, near and far, up and deep down below in ways unimaginable by the linear masculine mind. Mother-centered Indigenous civilizations around the world recognized the mother-mind and its immanence in the bodies and sexuality of women and girls. The various life-cycle transitions that a woman experiences in her lifetime - menstruation, ovulation, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, crone years - are powerful gateways of receiving and transmitting energies, healing, blossoming into wholeness and awakening the Mother mind in a natural way. Nature offers her a path of renewal and growth that continually shapes her most authentic self, awakens her intuition, and strengthens her intention. Women-Centered Spirituality places the woman and her experiences at the center and empowers her to explore her deepest inner longings, even those that she can’t quite name. In doing so, she is able to participate and be present in her life and in the lives of her loved ones at a deeper, fuller level - consciously by her choosing. The She Stands Tall Project gives women and girls the opportunity to identify, and investigate her deep passions through guided exploration, art-based model of change and scholarly research.

The Way of Feminine Power and Leadership

 “Groups provide a form for women to join together in study, practice, and discussion. The circle grounds us and holds us in connection to one another and the earth. It makes the work safer and easier."
- Vicki Noble, Author, Shakti Woman

Every woman has an insatiable capacity for creativity that is deeply interconnected with her own journey of awakening. When she consciously chooses to step outside the masculine paradigm of professional art, break free of her inner critic, and engage in art-making fearlessly as a Sacred Practice, she is able to tune into the deep inner pathways of her conscious, unconscious, subconscious and super-conscious mind. In Clarissa Pinkola Estés words - "a woman's creative ability is her most valuable asset .... for it feeds her inwardly at every level: psychic, spiritual, mental, emotive and economic."

When women come together in consciously created intentional sacred space to mend, to heal, to awaken, to create, to let go, to vision, to dream, to nurture, to support, to learn, to understand, to remember, to re-member, to see, to be seen and acknowledged - magic happens. It is like scattered isolated offbeat rhythms beginning to synchronize with the ancient pulsating umbulating beats of nature. Healing happens at the deepest cellular level, intuition is awakened, and intention begins to take shape. She realizes completeness in ways that she has never known before.