​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"I am also my Body.
In her I am female.
Through her,

the deep mysteries of 

the universe speak to me.
With her

 I journey


galaxies beyond time.
She and I are one.
To her I am deeply grateful."

Feminine Creative power is deeply grounded in a woman’s body and sexuality. It is sacred site of encounter with the Sacred Feminine--the creative life force manifesting as female. For thousands of years women priestesses, healers, and shamans have used the intuit wisdom inherent in the body to awaken, release and heal deep wounds, embody and celebrate the energetic presence of the Sacred Feminine for the transformation and healing of themselves, others and their communities. In the last five thousand years, religion and spirituality have moved into a disembodied existence with the negation of the body to merely flesh, lifeless and thus equating it as sin, impure and irrelevant.

The vision of Embodied Artivism is to support women to re-connect back to her body and sexuality through creative self-expression. We do by offering women the opportunity to locate and create the sacred arts that already live with-in - from creative writing to drumming, from visual arts to embodied movement and ritual creation. The process allows for deep healing, release and reclamation of power within. Women become present to the ancient intuitive wisdom of her body, and is able to hold space for her embodied creativity in her daily life and make it a source of her inner strength, power, leadership, artistic creation, intuition and connection.

We use various embodied practices to support that journey including breath-work, movement, sculpting, enactment and play, active imagination, guided imagery, and more. Some of the offerings we bring forth are Yoni Mandala journeys, Body Map making, Body as a Sacred Text, Body Sculpting, Life narrative, Muse creation, and more.

E M B O D I E D    C R E A T I V I T Y   P R O J E C T

Body Sculpting