The She Stands Tall is committed to bring women (and men) from different social-cultural-ethnic-economic backgrounds together in a culturally-open, socially-safe non-judegemental empathetic community space to fearlessly investigate, discover, hold space, and reclaim together the various aspects of embodying gender in body, sexuality and self (& Self). Our intentional space supports women (and men) to experience as well as co-create communities that allow for all aspects of us to be seen, acknowledged and held in our vulnerability, and make room for questions and conversations on matters that we would otherwise never have explored on our own.


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Women's Body & Wisdom Series

We educate women in understanding and reclaiming their feminine blood/life cycles, relationship with body & sexuality, self-care founded in nature's rhythm, and exploring a spirituality grounded in women's wisdom that integrates her body, sexuality and self.

"Learning to act from our bellies - our instinctual movement centers - let us respond on behalf of ourselves and our children. The response-ability strengthens us, making us women of power, medicine woman and shamans. We become integrated, knowing and acting from the same place, no longer knowing one thing and doing another. In general, female shamanic work is geared to helping women make a stand for ourselves and on behalf of our planet, and to feel grounded, connected and solid. We need to contact our substance, our depth and our ability to act powerfully in the world, so that we can face whatever comes in front of us. It isn't just a matter of being politically active, taking up causes, going to the streets, or joining movements. We also need to be able to be truly present and respond appropriately to all situations in which we find ourselves." 

- Vicki Noble, Author, Shakti Woman

The Engagement

The main pedagogical goal of our work is facilitating a transformational experience based on a whole-person philosophy that Educates, Empowers and Engages Women and Girls to Stand Tall in the expressions of their Authentic Self or True Self. We focus on a developmental curriculum that integrates six aspects of human development namely physical (body and sexuality), emotional, intellectual (or psychological), social (or relational), creative, and spiritual.  All of these key elements are folded into every engagements, so that a living spirituality, the arts, the body, and the participant interaction all become part of the transformational experience. By bringing together experiential arts-based indigenous wisdom along with scholarly content, we offer a model that promotes individual and collective healing, reflection, and self-authorization for our clients and their communities. ​Even though our work is primarily women-centered, we host several engagements that allow for women and men to come together to foster a deeper understanding, acknowledgement and honouring of each other. 

Our Mission

To facilitate Open, Safe, Sacred Spaces that support Women and Girls to Stand Tall (explore, engage, express) in their Embodied Power (Shakti).


Our Vision
For Women and Girls to become Catalysts of Transformative Change within themselves, their family, community and the world.

Moon-Circle Gathering

We host monthly women-centered moon circle that bring women together in sisterhood to hold space and connect with each other in deep vulnerability, and authenticity. 

21-Weeks of Shaktiship

is a women-centered online coursework that offers a plethora of resources promoting individual and collective healing, reflection, and self-authorization for participants and their communities. Our online classroom provides group video meetings; one-on-one advising via Skype; creative art activities, meditations, video, audio and live presentations; links to various articles, books, films, videos from world over.

Our Five Core Shaktiship Offerings


We offer individual / group expressive art therapy consultation and women's spirituality  integration coaching to women and young girls. We also, host annual conferences, retreats, community rituals, and goddess pilgrimages.


Uncovering Authentic Self

Facilitating an Embodied Creative Expression space that supports transformative inner work focused on overcoming blocks, releasing wounds,  healing body image, reclaiming life stories, intimacy, sexuality and self.

"When we begin to live from within outward, in touch with the power of the erotic within ourselves, and allowing that to inform and illuminate our actions upon the world around us, then we begin to be responsible to ourselves in the deepest sense. For as we begin to recognize our deepest feelings, we begin to give up, of necessity, being satisfied with suffering, and self-negation, and with the numbness which so often seems like the only alternative in our society."  - Audre Lorde, The Uses of the Erotic

Our Foundational Pillars

Rites, Ritual & Ceremony

We empower women and girls to consciously pause, hold space, acknowledge and exercise their power of choice with greater clarity on their own terms through ritual.