STEP 1. The entire exploration is FREE and completely voluntary.

STEP 2. You need to sign a Consent Waiver Form  to participate. To receive a copy of the form email to Complete it and email it back to us.

STEP 3. We encourage you to invite your close girl friends, family to join this journey with you. The more the women in the project, the more powerful is the journey.

STEP 4. Towards the end of this month, you will receive a welcome email from us and all the details to the next steps of participation.

STEP 5. The entire exploration will be on a private WhatsApp and Facebook group. So you can be anywhere in the world and still participate.

STEP 6. You will track your blood cycle based on a Moonstrual Chart that is designed by us. Those in India can order a copy of the printed Moonstrual Calendar 2017 (Shown in the top of this page).

STEP 7. You will share the status of your blood cycle with the women on the group using I am moonstrating <which day> <How do you feel>

STEP 8. You will explore your Blood Narrative based on 10 Reflection Questions Posted on the group.  These questions will support you to better understand your relationship with your blood, unlearn-Relearn-Realign with your Blood, and move towards synchronizing the rhythm of your own body and the bodies of other women with Nature. You will respond to these questions through any form of creative expression including writing, art, poetry, collage, story or anything (See the adjacent images shown).

STEP 9.  Additionally, You will also, respond  to the narratives of a minimum of three women on the group through a creative art expression.

STEP 10. You will also, be introduced to various resources in the form of books, articles, images, myths and more periodically.

The Menstrual Synchrony Project is a research gathering study that envisions to bring women from around the world on a unified platform to hold space for our personal, relational and transpersonal exploration of menstruation. We do this by engaging in a creative collective journey of unlearning, relearning, reflective conversations, and creative expression. Through the journey we hope that women can experience alignment, synchronization, and healing of her physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, social and spiritual narratives around the Moonstrual Blood.

T H E    P R O C E S S   O F    E N G A G E M E N T

 T H E    M E N S T R U A L    S Y N C H R O N Y    P R O J E C T

We believe that women coming together can create a powerful web of healing and awakening, so the success of this project is fully rested on your active individual participation. That is what will create the collective entrainment of our bodies and blood with the moon and nature. We hope that you will participate and support us to collect data around a knowing that indigenous people around  the world have known for ages.

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N E W   M O O N   A P R I L   26, 2017  -  N E W   M O O N   D E C E M B E R  18, 2017

... Any woman  (15+ years) who is on her natural bleeding cycle (meaning without being on a pill ) is eligible to participate in this study,

... Any moonstrating girl (< 15 years) can participate in the companionship of a bleeding woman only so that she can be guided well,

... Any woman or girl who is in her bleeding years but doesn't regularly have her period or experiences pain or deep comfort during the time is also, eligible to participate,

... Any woman wanting to unlearn, relearn and understand her blood cycle in a more intimate way,