“How a woman relates sexually in her life is deeply connected to her grounded-ness, her sense of self-esteem and her ability to receive and transmit powers and energies of transformation.”

Vicki Noble, Author, Shakti Woman 


Every Daughter is raised to embody fearlessly her sexual and spiritual knowing; her Sexuality is revered as sacred and is associated with  Auspiciousness and Sustenance of the community;

Awakening the Shakti Woman

Her Body & Sexuality is Sacred.

We believe that the awakening of the World is connected to Women awakening into her own feminine power (or Shakti), and furthermore, the awakening of the Shakti Women is connected to how she relates with her body, sexuality and self. This relationship lays the foundation for her sense of self-esteem, her ability to receive and transmit powers and energies of transformation and her ability to tap into her own feminine intuition, intention and intelligence. We also, believe that a woman’s physical, mental, emotional, relational, psychological and spiritual health is influenced by this relationship. By keeping women disconnected from her sexual and spiritual knowing, male-dominated societies have exercised power over her for thousands of years.

Through the She Stands Tall Project platform, we hope that women sincerely and bravely navigate the journey of reclaiming their relationship with their body and sexuality leaving behind the feelings of shame, disgust, pain, and silence.

Together we become like a flock of geese flying in vast emptiness of the sky in perfect V-formation beating the rapid winds, nurturing each other, taking turns facing the fierceness of the wind, supporting each-other's  journey and together moving ahead!

In today’s patriarchal world the forming of a woman's relationship with her body and sexuality is no longer guided through ritual, ceremony or celebration. In fact, it is not even witnessed or supported by nourishing sisterhood. In its absence, a girl’s sexuality and femaleness is informed by external factors like gender stereotyping, cultural and social conditioning around gender, the “do”s and “don’t”s of a feminine identity, the age-old dogmas defining womanhood, the shame, disgust and silence surrounding body and sexuality, and most importantly the direct and indirect influences of the (mis)-representation of women in media, religion, literature, and more. Most of these influences are overly patriarchal and condition a woman to see her life existence in relationship to a masculine ideology; shifting her relationship with her own body and sexuality from a natural embodied experience to an unnatural objectified and sexualized one.

Furthermore, we live in a world that does not fully acknowledge or appreciate a woman's body and sexuality. There is no revered, sacred, seen space for her. In fact, majority of women harbor some form of trauma, shame, disgust, silencing and/or disconnect with their body and sexuality. Often to survive in this overly globalized sexualized world, she has to choose to ignore her body and sexuality partly or completely, temporarily or permanently, and sometimes even force or manipulate herself to use her body as a tool or weapon to navigate the many twists and turns of the world. In doing so she has  lost her closest muse, companion and wisdom teacher.


Female birth is connected to Prosperity, and Good Fortune of the community; a daughter’s First Blood ceremony is celebrated by the entire community as a Life-Giving ritual;


Every Woman is empowered to gift her intention, intuition and feminine intelligence  in the social, cultural, economic and political development of her community.

The body is more than a sensual receptor, more than a physical vehicle, it is an instrument of superconscious awareness with a direct line to the soul. Awake, the body knows, understands, and reveals the Mystery to us and through us.
- Vicki Noble, Author, Shakti Woman



Through the She Stands Tall Project, we hope to lay the foundation formaternal-centered gender-egalitarian social existence focused at its core on the happiness and well-being of its women and children.



Daughters and Sons are seen, acknowledged and raised in the loving circle of many mothers - birth mothers, aunt mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers - standing tall in the knowing of their bodies and sexuality;

The Patriarchal Disconnect

Woman's body and sexuality is deeply connected to her menstrual blood, her breasts, genitals, and her ability to create and sustain life. It gives her the innate ability to connect, feel, and emotionally relate to other life effortlessly in her various relationships as daughter, sister, lover, friend, mother, grandmother, and wife. In her feminine body, sexuality and spirituality are not separate but deeply intertwined. She wears her body and sexuality in every aspect of her daily engagements. Her body is her connection to nature - to life itself. It gives her the ability to sync with and respond to nature’s vast intelligence. Within her body is embedded the power of intuition, intention and her inner knowing.

For millennia, matrilineal indigenous earth-based societies around the world have celebrated the auspiciousness of a woman's relationship with her body and sexuality through rituals, practices and ceremonies. In the circle of many nourishing mothers, sisters, grandmothers and women of the community, girls "blossomed" into womanhood rooted in the wisdom of her body, sexuality and self, and in time she was able to transfer this wisdom to her sons and daughters. She was the backbone of the society.