The Mission of The Ritual & Ceremony Project is to empower women and girls to consciously pause, hold space, acknowledge, and exercise their power of choice with greater clarity and to take responsibility for every experience in their life (including the five blood mysteries of womanhood: birth, menarche, giving birth, menopause and death) and their extended communities.


One of the core focuses of the project is the investigation, documentation, and regeneration of  (i) existing indigenous earth-based female-centered rituals, (ii) myths and cultural archetypes informing rituals, (iii) food practices included in rituals, and (iv) other hovering aspects of indigenous ritual that positively reinforces a woman’s relationship with her body, sexuality, the Moon, the Earth and her Life in an empowered way as she blossoms from a young girl into womanhood. 

The project supports women to understand rituals outside the context of formalized religion as a sacred action birthing from feminine intuition, and having the power to make life's every situation - mundane (brushing one's teeth) to special (birth or death, marriage or  divorce, starting or ending a career, preparing to make love, preparing for exam, entering new season) - a moment of power, learning and deep healing.

Every mother-centered indigenous community has powerfully ritualized the life-cycle of a woman. Its mirroring and deep synchronizations can be seen in rituals connected to the earth seasons, agriculture, food, weaving, dying, pottery, art & movement, home making,,  cleaning, moon veneration, festivals, etc. Many of these female-centered female-created rituals are disappearing in the flood of technology.

Please help us locate them, archive them and rejuvenate them.

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 R I T U A L    &    C E R E M O N Y    P R O J E C T

The word ritual has its root in the sanskrit word 'rRtu' meaning seasons, cycles, rhythms, and most importantly, menstruation. As women, we are always in 'rRtu' - with our blood, with the earth, with the moon, with women and with life on the planet.

Ritual as a consciously created enactment is a powerful tool of transformation, and when it is co-created and witnessed in a sisterhood container - its power expands exponentially. Intuitive Ritual creation comes from deep within women's bellies - her womb space - her instinctual nature. It helps her shift awareness from the head to the heart space - to the realm of feeling. 

Every offering of The She Stand Tall Project happens within the Ritual container. Ritual provides a meaningful way for women to co-create powerful intentions, teach each other what they need to know or become, let go of that which hasn't served well, transform internalized beliefs and attitudes and to take responsibility for everything that has happened, happening and can happen in their lives, and be present for it, in it and with it consciously.

"When indigenous women raise and prepare food, their actions are often accompanied by prescribed chants and prayers that thank the grain for growing and ask for this bounty to continue. They are taught to set out spirit plates, and feed the unseen presences that are also part of the family and tribe. The men may purify themselves before a hunt, to be worthy of taking life, and thank an animal for its willingness yo sacrifice its life for the lives of the people. The children are draped in amulets that contain powerful medicine to guard their well-being, and as they come of age they are initiated through time-honored, often elaborate rites of passage.” 

- Christina Baldwin, Calling the Circle - The first and future cultures.

Like tossing a pebble into a pond, ritual has the potential to change the energetic  patterns of our lives with ripples that extend out to the greater world around us.

- Ruth Barret, Author, Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries