“Part of healing the wounded feminine and reclaiming feminine wisdom is for the women to reconnect, to come together as sisters with a common mission rather than stay isolated and reinforce a divisiveness which disempowers us all and weakens our efforts.”

- Jane Hardwicke Collings

Coming together in Circles is as ancient as human life on this planet. Almost every indigenous group in the world gathers in circle - moon circles, women circles, grandmother circles, community circles. Even more so, circle honors the egalitarian and organic nature of life itself - everything in nature moves in circles and cycles.

Circle brings everyone on the same plane - shared leadership naturally happens. Every face is seen in the circle. Everyone is a student, teacher, leader. Every voice has the right to be expressed and heard. Every voice has the right to remain silent and witness. Responsibility is evenly spread in a circle. It is very difficult to hold hierarchies or power positions within a circle.

Every offering of The She Stands Tall Project is contained within a Sisterhood Circle. It brings an almost  immediate and direct experience of togetherness, support and strength. The She Stands Tall Sisterhood Circle is founded on the principles of  compassionate listening, shared leadership, living from the heart space, and sincerely inquiring into one's embodied purpose on Earth.

"We can heal the isolation by coming together, experiencing our cycles as a group, creating moon lodges and quiet times. We can chant, fast, relax, dream, keep diaries, be quiet, or share with other women the sacred depths to which we dive during this magical time of the month. We can make art, letting the voice of the Goddess - the oracle - speak through us in healing words and images.       

- Vicki Noble, Author, Shakti Woman

“At first women were so incredibly strong and the bonds between and among us so indissoluble, that these tactics alone could never have succeeded. Our eventual subjugation was accomplished, as all seasoning is accomplished, by a lethal combination of brainwashing and terrorism.

It was the slow work of many, many centuries to tame us, to persuade us that this captivity, violence, and isolation was in our best interests, that it meant that we were loved and respected, that it was pleasant, that we liked it, that we wanted it, that we couldn’t live without it, and—the ultimate doublespeak—that it was freedom.”

- Sonia Johnson, American feminist activist and writer.

  T H E    S I S T E R  H O O D    P R O J E C T


We will Support you. Prepare you. Strengthen you. Be with you in the process.

Let Us Grow Together. Move Together. Transform Together.

From ancient times, women from indigenous cultures around the world have sat in circles, engaged in rituals, used the power of their intuition to guide the lives of their children and the community, and together they have held the social fabric of culture - free of war, violence and greed. The power of the circle is grounding, holds women in connection to one another, and supports the synchronization of the rhythm of their bodies with each other and with the earth. As opposed to that the patriarchal culture has disrupted the Circle by evoking insatiable desire in women, and pitting women against each other. Women have lost trust in each other.

The intention of The Sisterhood Project is to bring back women from different social, cultural, ethnic and economic background together in ritual circle to explore, study, practice, discuss, share, support, remember, re-member and reclaim our natural place on this Earth.

Women participating in the Sisterhood Project experience increased confidence and self-esteem, expanded awareness of themselves and their surroundings, rootedness in their bodies and sexuality, and a deep sense of connection with the Earth, Nature and Life around. Most importantly, there is a sense of being seen, acknowledged, listened to and understood.