In the backdrop of overtly sexualized female bodies dominating and influencing the visual media, the body map project allows women to re-create life-size narratives of their own body on her own terms. The life size towering body maps become a  powerful vehicle of her-stories. Every body map has the power to transform the women it represents as well as the one viewing it. The She Stands Tall Project offers the Body Map Engagement in the 21-Weeks of Shaktiship Program. The Body Maps are also, exhibited as part of The She Stands Tall conferences or retreats allowing for the public to view them in a sacred setting.

“The artivist (artist + activist) uses her artistic talents to fight an struggle against injustice and oppression--by any medium necessary. The artivist merges commitment to freedom and justice with the pen, the lens, the brush, the voice, the body, and the imagination. The artivist knows that to make an observation is to have an obligation.”

- M. K. Asante, Artivist

THE  B O D Y   M A P   P R O J E C T

What is Body Mapping?
Body Mapping is An Experiential Therapeutic Art Methodology.

It is based on the fact that the living body is a map of all of life’s experiences; it is a storehouse of joy and pain, successes and disappointments, impressions, memories, habits, patterns, and so much more. The body does not lie; the body remembers. However, the social culture we live in forces us to live in our heads most of the time and ignore the body, disconnect from her rhythms. When we ignore the body, we also ignore the feelings, emotions and knowing that comes with it; sometimes to the point of pain, exhaustion, and sickness. The Body Map project gives the opportunity to explore in-depth one's relationship with body, sexuality and self. It allows to tap into that somatic intelligence of the body, communicate with the body, express its knowing in a conscious empowered way and step out of the boundaries of shame, disgust, guilt, pain and trauma associated with the body. Participants experience expanded body awareness, deeper connected-ness with body wisdom, and increased ease-ness in being in one's body.

“Artivism - where Edges are pushed, Imagination is Freed, and a new Language Emerges altogether.”

- Eve Ensler, Author, Vagina Monologies