We bring a plethora of resources in the form of books, articles, practices, tools, expressive art engagements, life cycle rituals, mindfulness practices and more grounded in the indigenous cultures around the world giving women a unique opportunity to be immersed in material they have usually never encountered.

We support women to reclaim back their intuitive power, divination skills through the introduction of various processes including tarot, oracle deck, dousing and more. The more she learns to rely on her own embodied wisdom, the more she is able to stand tall for her own self, her family, her community and the world. ​​

​We pride ourselves in welcoming you into the folds of a sisterhood that is extremely responsive to your questions and needs; and our resources come from a phenomenal array of women ritual practitioners, shamanic healers, scholars, artists, activists, authors and thea/theologians from world over. We also create opportunities for you meet and interact with them directly.

We do so by supporting women to explore, engage, express, embody and awaken the innate wisdom and knowing that comes from her female body - her blood rhythms, the spiraling cycles of her womb and yoni, her breasts; her connection to the land, the seasons, the moon, the plants, the animal, and all of life in the universe; her ability to create, sustain and transform life-death-life cycle periodically; and her innate sensibility to hold space for the deepest of emotions, feelings and intimacy while being present to the deepest sensitivities of the mind, intellect and ego. We also, make this knowing available for men so they may have a deeper knowing of a woman's spiritual journey.

Another core aspect of our work is reclamation of the Sacred Feminine in daily life. We bring a diverse array of imagery, wisdom, practices and tools of the sacred feminine from indigenous traditions around the world. We hope that by participation in our programs, women (and men) are able to recognize the false feminine and false masculine aspects in themselves, and consciously choose to chart life's path to honor and balance the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine within, and step into  fuller wholler expression of themselves in alignment with Life, Nature, and Earth. We also, encourage in the exploration of women’s roles in pre-history and history, spiritual and religious leadership, women’s work in healing and creating positive social change as well as the ritual, literary, social and artistic contributions of women. 

We envision to bring the embodied knowing that power is not out there. Power is within. It is for living and leading from within - consciously, wholly and powerfully. 

"One of the central outmoded ideas governing our health care system is the notion that the processes of a woman’s body are designed to cause suffering and pain, and that women require a great deal of medical care and testing to stay healthy. Though this is certainly the experience of countless women, there is another way — a better way. In fact, the female body was designed to be a source of pleasure, fertility, movement, strength, and well-being. Our bodies connect us with the moon, the tides, and the seasons. We are meant to flourish."

Christiane Northrop,  MD & Author of the Book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

"The women's spirituality movement emerged from real grounded political critique that women had about male dominance and patriarchy and misogyny, and the major world religious traditions and ask the question - 'what happens to our spiritual practices and drives, if we put women's experiences at the center'"

- Dr Alka Arora, Women's Spirituality Program Director, CIIS, San Francisco.

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By deepening the understanding of women's spirituality in women and men, we hope to revive the whole. In our work and offerings, we strives to meet women (and men) where they are in their lives - intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally - and support them in healing from gender, racial, and sexual wounding, and reclaiming a positive vision of the female and her sacred qualities through literature, archeology, mythology, art, dance, ritual studies, scholarly study, and spiritual perspectives. We help women understand and recognize the social, cultural and historical shifts that have created oppressive behaviors and attitudes towards women in society, and step out of them. We also, support to cultivate empathy by witnessing the complexity and richness of each other’s stories and applying these understandings to our own lives. We bring a rich diverse plethora of resources that women have usually never encountered.

W O M E N - C E N T E R E D    S P I R I T U A L I T Y

"To celebrate women's mysteries is to reclaim and to make sacred our journey through the five blood mysteries of womanhood: our birth, menarche, giving birth, menopause, and death. Although the blood mysteries are natural, physiological occurrences, these passages have been ignored, discounted, and shamed by a cultural denial of women's uterine blood and by oppressive, male-dominated religions. Many women do not even realize that we are being robbed of the opportunity for profound spiritual connection through the reverent celebration of our bodies' changes.

Ruth Barrett, Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries - Intuitive Ritual Creation